D.C. Chestnuts™

The Rites of Choice

We respect the right for any woman to choose what is best for her body and her soul. We believe that there is no right or wrong side. Merely, the right to choose, whatever the end result.

The Inner Bottom Line?

It is a boundary issue. A respect issue. A privacy issue. And a power and control issue.

“The ethics are not in what choice is made. It is in the right to make it.”™

Throughout the sorry and pointless debacle of what we have dubbed “The Clinton Silliness,” we kept wanting to ask for a show of hands from every single member in Congress who, while voting adamantly for censure, had NOT strayed at any time from their own marriage or relationship vows.

We knew, of course, just on known statistics of how people in glass houses behave, that the hand count would be few or none. But our leaders, in a sad display of righteousness, along with the majority of the public, were very willing and often very quick to criticize someone else for the very behavior they themselves had probably indulged in at some point in their lives.

We do not endorse or condone infidelity, since, on ethical terms alone, we believe it to be disrespectful behavior that crosses all kinds of appropriate boundaries.

But the irony in the outcome is that, on just one of the many issues at stake, the majority of women who, in a backlash to hurt Clinton, crossed party lines and elected Bush, now stand to lose a lot more than they thought they would ever gain. As do their daughters for generations to come.

The current president, who has stated from day one he intended to overturn a woman’s right to choose, is determined to reverse decades of empowerment women have fought so long and so hard to achieve.