The Inner Bottom Line ® ..where Choices & Values meet


from “A Simple Path to The Good Life: Discovering The Inner Bottom Line™” by Olive Gallagher

There is a place inside each of us where we dwell. A place where we live, exist, extol and exclaim. Where we go to be alone with ourselves to cry, laugh, swear, anguish, worry, bitch, dream, fantasize, imagine and escape. Where we bemoan our problems, decry our enemies and explore our possibilities without judgment, comment or criticism from anyone other than ourselves.

Call it your heart. Label it your soul, your spirit, center, being, gut. Whatever it is, whatever its name, it is the only totally private, unseen, singular place within us that belongs to us and us alone. And that makes it worth protecting, defending and appreciating beyond any measurable worth.

Within this priceless place lies The Inner Bottom Line®.

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