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DC Pied Piper Redux

June 7th, 2019   •   Comments Off on DC Pied Piper Redux   
DC Pied Piper Redux

Yesterday, a rather unexpected and amazing thing occurred. My office received a call from a gentleman who lives in Albuquerque, NM. He had searched for me online and somehow found the current office number. He wanted to reach out because he had been going through some old papers and found a copy of a column of mine that was published in The Santa Fe New Mexican paper in 2004 with the headline “Understand Boundaries When Dealing with Power.” He said he was stunned how current the piece was in reflecting the state of affairs in this country today and just [ Read More ]

“A Small Elegant Word Redux”

November 10th, 2018   •   Comments Off on “A Small Elegant Word Redux”   

Author’s Note: The fact that I have to still re-publish this column I wrote a number of years ago is heartbreaking and unacceptable. And proof has hard-core resistance to change among too many of us still is. OG   “A Small, Elegant Word” Dignity. A word with few letters. On appearance not very large. But elegant. Succinct. With enormous reach when it’s authentic and honest and organic. Not used often enough in today’s world to describe someone’s character or attitude. And yet, it is a momentous, precious, rare word. Containing deep value. Representing deeper values. Today, in light of all [ Read More ]

“Trusting the Process and The Outcome”

May 21st, 2015   •   no comments   

The Inner Bottom Line ® A Column on Personal Choices & Ethical Dilemmas by Olive Gallagher Dear Olive, My wife & I have been trying to buy a home for a year. It took us five months to agree on an agent we liked and then, it became a daily grind of looking online, checking out listings our agent sent us, and spending every weekend driving around with her visiting houses that ended up looking nothing like the pictures posted. Finally, last month, we found our dream home. Within 24 hours, we made an offer. Our agent had prepared us [ Read More ]