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An Open Letter to Readers of The Inner Bottom Line

August 24th, 2014   •   no comments   
An Open Letter to Readers of The Inner Bottom Line

Dear Readers;
I don’t write my column to present an opinion that is the end-all, be-all of answers. In fact, I avoid ever telling anyone what to do as there is never any “answer” to any problem or dilemma. And for each of us, the best choice will be different.

Nor do I present myself as an expert on all things. I focus on one thing only; helping others understand how to make ethical decisions that are best for their life and those they love. Period.

My concern, my sole concern, on The Inner Bottom Line, is to help the individual writing to me better identify and protect their boundaries, clarify the real issue at hand, and make better choices that allow them to move forward with more honesty, fairness, respect, comfort, understanding and compassion.

I do not advise anyone to change the world around them; only to be accountable and aware of the impact their words and actions have on the world they inhabit.

In dealing with editors and the limited space I’m usually given in other publications, I cannot always fully answer every question the way I would like. I also do not try to please everyone; that’s the antithesis of The Inner Bottom Line.

What I do hope for, however, and what I have recently not received from what I’m happy to report is a very tiny, minute minority, is respect for my work. I am well-aware that my work may include options or opinions that differ from others. I may, usually in the interest of space, have to leave out additional tips or suggestions. But there is never an excuse for anyone to react and fire off comments back at me couched in hostility, nastiness, threats and personalization.

I do not deserve that nor will I accept or permit being pilloried because my advise may not be the advise you might offer.

So the next time you feel inclined to write to me or any other author and rake us over the coals with epithets and profane name-calling because you didn’t agree with what we wrote, you might consider what touched off one of your hot buttons and is making you reach out in such disrespectful, rude, and hurtful behavior and language.

It’s a reflection about who you are and what you stand for, not the writers or the topics.

You have a choice. You always do. If you find yourself listening to or reading something that upsets or angers you, put it down, walk away and don’t revisit it again.

But do not throw stones. One of these days, they may come hurling right back at you.

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