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“Rising From the Ashes”©

May 30th, 2019   •   Comments Off on “Rising From the Ashes”©   

We’re surrounded by flame everywhere, everyday.  We take fire for granted, barely noticing in the moment the amazing tools and conveniences provided for us with the turn of a knob, the switch of a button. We bake a cake, grill burgers, heat our homes, toast marshmallows around a campfire. From the beginning of time, man’s ability and ingenuity to create and harness fire has marked our path of evolution. And as long as that flame can be contained, controlled, all remains well and productive. But when it breaks loose, the potential for catastrophic loss of life and property is boundless [ Read More ]

Why Good Things Happening to Portland Might Be Bad

October 17th, 2015   •   no comments   

What’s the average cycle for a good thing to turn bad?  Fruit left out to rot takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. But a city? Hard to say. I’ve moved a lot in the past thirty years. I left LA for San Francisco in ’91 to get away from LA’s congestion and out-of-touch values. At that time, the Bay area offered, along a charming, varied, slower-paced life, real estate that was still affordable in some areas and people who had time to savor good conversation, wine and food. But by 2002, after the pace became frenzied and real estate prices, inflated from the Dot/com bubble with newly-minted millionaires, [ Read More ]

The Safe Haven of a Small, Elegant Word

July 7th, 2015   •   no comments   

Dignity. A word with few letters. On appearance not very large. But elegant. Succinct. With enormous reach when it’s authentic and honest and organic. Not used often enough in today’s world to describe someone’s character or attitude. And yet, it is a momentous, precious, rare word.  Containing deep value. Representing deeper values. Today, in light of all the events, from the most horrific and tragic to the amazing, astounding, “did-that-really-happen” moments of the past week, it’s emerged as the key word, the most accurate, deeply appropriate and somewhat surprising word in the rulings by the highest court in the land [ Read More ]

“Trusting the Process and The Outcome”

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The Inner Bottom Line ® A Column on Personal Choices & Ethical Dilemmas by Olive Gallagher Dear Olive, My wife & I have been trying to buy a home for a year. It took us five months to agree on an agent we liked and then, it became a daily grind of looking online, checking out listings our agent sent us, and spending every weekend driving around with her visiting houses that ended up looking nothing like the pictures posted. Finally, last month, we found our dream home. Within 24 hours, we made an offer. Our agent had prepared us [ Read More ]

“The Miracle 95 Feet in the Air”

July 27th, 2014   •   no comments   
“The Miracle 95 Feet in the Air”

Dear Olive, I love your new column. I met you a few months ago but had no idea you did this. My impression of you then and now is a woman positive about life and able to make things better. I admire that. I used to be that way, but lately, I feel discouraged a lot, even depressed, what with the daily news and how distant and rude people have become. I try not to listen all day, but with social media, it seems every hour some awful thing takes place in the world. When I was little, I had [ Read More ]

“While You’re Spring Cleaning, You Might…”

March 11th, 2014   •   no comments   
“While You’re Spring Cleaning, You Might…”

In the past week, at least three clients have said to me, “I’m so ready to start taking things apart and clean out the clutter. It always makes me feel better.” Spring cleaning. Simplifying. Organizing. Music to my ears. As well as a prompt for the sun to come out and show me the way to those ever-present smudges on the windows that are invisible when it’s raining and gloomy. Now I recognize for some that the mere idea of straightening anything is depressing, even unnecessary. But for a much greater percentage of us, there seems to be an [ Read More ]


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March 10, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Julia Botts (503) 908-7842 [email protected] PERSONAL BEST® CEO OLIVE GALLAGHER RESUMES TEACHING THE INNER BOTTOM LINE Lake Oswego, OR – On March 13, 2014, Olive Gallagher, founder and CEO of Personal Best, will begin teaching classes twice a month on The Inner Bottom Line® for the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center. “Regardless of how many exciting ways I’m given to deliver the ideas and philosophy of The Inner Bottom Line – interviews, seminars, speeches, media appearances, retreats, the column, or even my radio show – returning to the immediate, one-on-one exchange that happens [ Read More ]

“Have We Become a Killing Machine?”

December 18th, 2012   •   no comments   

There is little to say that hasn’t already been expressed. Our hearts are, indeed, shattered, our minds stunned, our sensibilities wrenched by the latest event in the obscenely long litany of massacres that have occurred in our country in recent years. While the tragedy of Newtown was no more horrendous than Columbine or Oregon or any of the other shootings that have taken lives in unspeakable ways, this particular moment appears to have hit a chord long overdue in this country, perhaps because it involved the loss of so many innocent children. And maybe, it was also amplified further because [ Read More ]

“Getting On With It, Not Getting Over It”

November 2nd, 2012   •   no comments   

This is an open love letter to the survivors of Hurricane Sandy and all of those touched by this disaster. And that, actually, includes us all, for no matter how much in the middle or on the sidelines of something like this we stand, its impact hits everyone, and in this moment of national pain and challenge, it will take us all to move forward together to heal and recovery. The Inner Bottom Line ® A Column on Personal Choices & Ethical Dilemmas by Olive Gallagher November 1, 2012 “Getting On…Not Getting Over” In light of the utter, incomprehensible devastation [ Read More ]