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Olive’s 5 Tips for Developing and Protecting The Inner Bottom Line®

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The Inner Bottom Line® operates from the premise that the value of our lives is determined by the choices we make.

Every moment of our lives is filled with hundreds of choices, from small, trivial ones like “what should I wear, do I want a blueberry or walnut muffin, or which street should I take” to momentous moments such as “what I should I say when I get there or do I stay in this relationship or bail?”  Given the pressure and desire to make the best possible choice, it can sometimes seem overwhelming to tackle, and too much pondering can leave us stuck.

Here are 5 tips for developing and protecting The Inner Bottom Line that will lead to the best decision—every time!

Executive and Life Coach Olive Gallagher

Executive and Life Coach Olive Gallagher

1. Clarify the real issue.

2. Ask what’s at stake.

3. Figure out who’s in control.

4. Acknowledge how long this problem has been going on.

5. Determine how much this is going to cost you to resolve – in time, money, and emotional treasure.


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