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September 1, 2013


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Lake Oswego, OR – Olive Gallagher, founder and CEO of Personal Best, a creative marketing and ethics consultancy specializing in consistent, accountable brand messages and delivery, announced today that its brand advertising and marketing division, Creative Infusion (, has reopened to Portland, Oregon.

“CI emerged by accident in 1996 after I had just been seriously immobilized with a spinal injury and couldn’t travel, walk or deliver my seminars and speeches to our Personal Best clients,” Gallagher explains. “During that first year when I could barely walk, I had no idea how I was going to earn a living. I had left my advertising and marketing efforts behind to devote all my energy to launching Personal Best in 1985. At that time, I didn’t realize ethics and marketing would eventually converge.”

“But by an odd, lucky quirk in timing and fate, two amazing opportunities were presented to me,” she continues. “The first, the launch of Marcom Choices, was a chance for me to successfully pitch and create a print column based on my television series, The Inner Bottom Line®. The second, a crisis at E&J Gallo. Gallo was desperate to find someone to rescue them with a bold, fresh print concept for a product launch to the restaurant trade so they could meet a print deadline coming up fast. A visiting neighbor of mine mentioned me to their SVP of Marketing and much to my absolute surprise, they called, gave me two weeks to come up with three concepts, and I nailed it with no software, no graphic assist, just paper, scissor, a camera and Elmer’s glue.”

“After that, with the brilliant assists from two artists and a rep from Halo Marketing, Creative Infusion was off and running, next to Lucent Technologies, then creative copy for, creative direction for The Learning Company, and comprehensive branding services for, and a number of non profit and smaller businesses in the Bay Area.

Gallagher notes, “It was a roller coaster time in Silicon Valley, and one of the most exhilarating and exciting times I’ve known. I got the chance to put all of my former experiences and perspectives into the work. A strong ethos, teamwork, innovative copywriting, critical thinking, creative direction, branding and promotions.”

Since moving to Portland, Gallagher has been exploring the city, learning its pace and personality, and meeting with business consultants. “People are open and friendly and there appear to be opportunities to provide creative resources to ad agencies already established,” she offers. “Creative Infusion doesn’t compete with other agencies. We provide additional bandwidth when needed. It’s our way of having our cake and eating it, too.”

Gallagher, author of The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life™, is a 2009 Screenwriting Fellow of the American Film Institute Conservatory, holds a BA in Humanities from Case Western Reserve University, attended the EPSC Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business and is a creative director, writer, and brand marketing and advertising executive.


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