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What’s the One Quality You’ve Acquired You Wish You Had Way Back When?

December 2nd, 2012   •   no comments   

Perhaps many of you don’t know that The Inner Bottom Line® was created in 1988 as the first television series on family values in the US. We aired from Los Angeles monthly and from the very first one, I was blessed with the presence of guests who were all, in their unique ways, incredibly accomplished individuals; people like Joe Jacobs, who identified both Vitamin C and penicillin prior to founding Jacobs Engineering, and talents like Theodore Bikel, gifted actor and musician, who I invited on the show to honor and discuss his work and legacy with Amnesty International.

Because of the extraordinary depth and quality of guests like that, we were named Best New Show in cable television in 1989 and in 1990, I received awards as Best Host and Best Producer.

Even then, the profile of my guests was exactly the same as it is today on The Inner Bottom Line Radio Show on blogtalkradio: individuals who are using their power responsibly and giving something back to the world.

On that half-hour interview show, I usually asked my guests, before discussing their current position or responsibilities, to first share their memories and impressions of what life was like for them as a child: what was “home” like and what kind of values or examples were offered by that environment that influenced their choices as they matured and took their place in the world.

There was only one common question asked of every guest over the course of the three years we aired: “If you could have one quality then that you possess now, that might have helped you make your way even more successfully or effectively in the world, what would that quality be?”

I never received the same answer and the range of responses was fascinating, ranging from patience and serenity to self belief.

So now it’s your turn. What would your answer be? Let me know what quality you wish you had possessed in your younger years, and I’ll share it – anonymously, if you prefer – both here as well as with our listeners on the air.

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